Marketing Makeover Day: Personal Branding Advice

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Marketing and Graphic Design go hand in hand like…ice cream and sprinkles! You can’t attract your audience without great design, just like you can’t create great graphic design without an amazing message for you business. That’s why we are excited to introduce you to the next guest speaker gracing us with her presence November 20.
Kathy Ennis is a small business mentor and strategist, trainer, public speaker. She work’s with start-up businesses and micro businesses that want to grow through practical, hands-on mentoring and training.

Kathy has developed the ‘Be Your Own Brand’ series of mentoring programmes based on the principle of personal branding. Listening to you and and providing direction, giving advice and possible solutions on all aspects of your business growth or career development is what makes her program a success. This involves everything from initial action and business planning, brand development, personal impact and effectiveness to developing methods to track and measure personal and business achievements.

What can we expect to hear from her on the day? The old saying is that ‘people buy from people’ and it is your personal brand that helps them decide if they are going to buy from you or buy into you. Understanding what makes you unique through the use of colour and personal presentation can have a significant impact on your bottom line. So, the key benefits of developing a personal brand for include:

  • Creating consistency and authenticity
  • Reinforcing your company brand while maintaining your personal uniqueness
  • Communicating your company values effectively and consistently
  • Building increased confidence
  • Developing your personal impact

Pop into have a chat with Kathy on November 20th  and she will run through with you just how you can develop your personal brand into one that will attract the masses, and keep them around for years to come.

-The Promoworx team


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