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Happy February! This month is full of love, laughter, and the best part? It’s usually the beginning of the fade out of horrible weather. Yay! We know this month can also be full of non stop pink and hearts everywhere. And while the Promoworx team love Valentine’s Day we also realise you may not want cupid taking over your desktop screen for the whole month. So this month we’ve decided to do a desktop that is still a little romantic, but without big pink bears holding love hearts.

Our desktop screens are available in 4 sizes:

Desktop 1280 x 720 | Desktop 1920 x 1200

Iphone 4 | Iphone 5

iPad | iPad mini

We have a new one every month, and each contains a handy little calendar. So check back at the beginning of every month for a new design and a new calendar!

Promoworx Team

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