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Last week the Promoworx Team had an exciting day out of the studio with our mini alien mascots and met some exciting new people at the North East London Business Expo.

With two floors of local businesses, the expo provides an excellent opportunity for business across north east london to meet, network, and swap services. We spent the day chatting with local marketing consultants, charities, and enjoying yummy cupcake’s from the local cupcake bakers. (We may have had one too many, but it was SO worth it).

With so many businesses giving other’s a ‘taste’ of what they do, there were prizes to be won at every table. From free champagne, to free videography, to free business card design it was a great way to discover what was out there and to really get to know your ‘neighbours’.

For those who stopped by to say hello, you already know what our exciting give away was. But for those who sadly missed out (you did, you missed out, there were shenanigans) Promoworx were raffling off a marketing makeover, worth £200! And after a week of starring at the fish bowl full of hopeful contestants, and having our Print Manager nagging us to pick a company so he could have the fish bowl for an actual fish, we have the winner’s name!

We are excited to announce that Redwood Skills ‘Bridging the gap between education and employment through life changing learning’ has won the Promoworx Marketing Makeover. We look forward to working with Redwood on their new marketing campaign.

Thank you to all the exciting organisations we met at the Expo, non-profit and profit, old and new. We hope we get to do business with you all soon!

Sincerely –

The Promoworx Team

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