Your 7 Step Guide to Local Online Marketing

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  There’s no denying that today, getting found online is an integral part of any business venture. We’ve reviewed and highlighted the necessary steps needed to push you higher up search engines to attract potential customers in your local area.  
1. Get your business listed First things first – create a Google Business Account! Local search engine optimisation (SEO) starts by adding your business to online directory listings, including Google+ Local. To maximise traffic to your website it’s essential to ensure that your business name, address and phone number are consistent across each platform you use. This is so Google knows each listing refers to the same business, in turn crediting them and placing your business higher up on local search results.  
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2. Gather positive reviews Reputation equates to success for your local online strategy. The more Google+ reviews, the better – 5 get you a star rating on Google+ Local, but keeping them consistent reassures potential customers of your credibility and awesome commitment to their happiness. Adding recent reviews gives you the edge over your competitors and builds up a relationship of trust. Aim to gather as many positive detailed reviews online as possible from current or previous happy clients. To make it easier for them, create a click-through widget on your website for a quick and painless way for them to tell the world how great your service is.  
3. Develop a keyword strategy Use long-tail keywords that contain your service and local area. For example, one for Promoworx might be ‘Web Designing in South Woodford’. Specific keywords are less competitive and target people looking for a service in your particular area, resulting in a higher conversion rate. Decide the keywords you wish to rank for and assign one keyword to each page. Include keywords in the page titles and meta-descriptions, to match your web pages with search enquiries for a higher ranking.  
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4. Create rich and relevant content Creating compelling content for your readers is essential to SEO. Articles discussing a relevant problem point or latest trend in your market get picked up by Google, placing you higher up on the search engine. Great content will spark interest and reassure them in your knowledge of the market– establishing a relationship of trust and resulting in a higher conversion rate.  
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5. Geo location marketing GPS technology is being used by search engines to obtain location data from PCs and mobile phones to aid customers in their search for local businesses. You can now add listings to Google Places for free, resulting in more refined targeting and greater website footfall. Creating a targeted campaign to your localised area is made easy by Google, which allows you to target a specific city, post code or town. Also, having a map on your website saves potential customers the hassle of searching online, resulting in more visits.  
6. Optimise for mobile Around 50% of all website traffic now comes from mobile phones, so it’s important that your website is optimised for this huge customer base. Google also now penalises non-mobile friendly sites so your ranking will begin to slip if you do not take the right measures.  
7. Make use of Analytics technology Don’t make the mistake of overlooking Google Analytics and Webmaster tools. These free services provide you with rich information on how your website is performing and help you understand who, how, and where your site’s users are drawn from. This includes information such as which sites and keywords send the most traffic, the location of your visitors, which specific pages they are visiting, and how long they are spending on your website. This information helps you build a profile of your potential customers and how they are engaging with your website, allowing better page optimisation, targeting and conversion. Call us today on 020 8530 1500 to book a free consultation, to find out how this could benefit your business.

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