You have your cards, what about the wrapping?

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The team at Promoworx are always looking for more ways to add an artsy/crafty touch to everything, what can we say…we are creative. Last week we told you all about creating your own custom holiday cards to get your own personal message to your friends and family. (If you missed it, check it out HERE) Now, why not step it up a notch?

Custom wrapping paper! Let’s face it, wrapping paper can cost you an arm and a leg to buy these days, and what’s worse they seem to be getting less creative with the designs. Plain red, or plain gold is nice but Christmas is definitely not a time to be subtle. And you know us, we are not exactly the subtle type. So, do you have a Spiderman poster you need some ‘Santa Clause Spiderman’ wrapping paper for? Have a few Hanukkah gifts you’d like to wrap in something other than Santa Clause wrapping? Send us your own design or let us create something perfect! Gift wrap that will wow the receiver, and won’t deplete your limited holiday pocket funds.

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