Typical SEO mistakes startups make

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When you are trying to get a new business off the ground, there are lots of things to sort out. From logo printing on products to buying stock, you will always be busy. A robust SEO strategy is also essential as digital ways of engaging with consumers become more crucial. SEO is not an easy thing to master though – it changes constantly and can seem a little confusing to the untrained eye.

Very often, the best place to start is what not to do! Here are some of the most common SEO mistakes startups make.

Keyword stuffing

This was once a tactic used in the early days of SEO but is now a real no-no. Keyword stuffing is simply the act of artificially cramming as many of your chosen keywords into content as possible. Keyword stuffing is frowned upon by the major search engines though and so will harm your SEO efforts.

Not building up quality links

One important part of any modern SEO plan is building up quality links between your website and others on the internet. This online linking network helps the search engines understand if your site is relevant and has authority. Many startups do not do this which means they fail to maximise any SEO gains they could make.

Not including Metadata

Another very common mistake many startups make is not including key data for search engines to read on their website pages. Metadata is information placed on web pages which tells search engines what they are about. The search engines then use this to decide how relevant the page is and then list as appropriate. Without Metadata in place on a page, this will not happen and can harm your SEO efforts.

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