Behind the Scenes: The Logo Design Process

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Decretech Final Logo-01
Have you ever wondered exactly how a logo is designed? We’ve been working on some exciting branding projects recently behind the scenes at our East London studios. Designing a great brand is a fun and interesting process for us and our clients. We thought it might be useful to take you through our design process from start to finish. So if you have ever been curious about what happens to a logo behind the scenes, all is about to be revealed…

Company Name: Decretech


Industry: Painting & Decorating Contractors


Stage: New Start-up


Designer: Jo


Brief: To design new branding elements from scratch, to promote Decretech as a commercial & corporate Painters & Decorators. The company is a new business, but the client and company owner has been in the industry for over 20 years.

1. Make some notes. Although we are all devoted technophiles here at Promoworx, like all good creatives we start with the basics – a notepad and pencil. You might have a strong idea of how you’d like your brand to look and what will appeal to your target market, or you may be open to ideas and looking for inspiration. We’ll listen to you and ask the right questions, noting down any key words, phrases, thoughts and associations. Anything that will help us visualise the direction that we need to take the design in.

2. Sketch your ideas. Staying with the notepad for now, we will begin sketching your company name. We find that a computer screen can be quite uninspiring in the early stages, whereas having the freedom of hand drawings really allows us to get creative on the page, playing around with icons, images and shapes. Research backs us up on this, with studies showing that using our hands to create something allows us better access to the creative side of our brains.
Decretech Logo Design
Decretech Logo Design
Decretech Logo Design
Decretech Logo Design
3. Start Designing. We like to create as many design options as we can, so that we can give you a wide variety to choose from. This is where we get to combine the ideas we have been sketching and begin to put text and images together. On page 3 we have produced an icon based on the basic shapes of each letter in “Decretech”. We chose a more abstract style, in order to emphasize the creative nature of the industry. We have used a clean font to give the logo a modern feel and kept the colour pallet focused on black / green / blue which we agreed would work well for the brand.
Decretech Logo Options-01
Decretech Logo Options-02
Decretech Logo Options-03
4. Refine the Design. Once the client had seen the first set, they had a very strong reaction to what they preferred. They were immediately drawn to Option 1.a. & 3.c. They loved the gradient colours used in 1.a. and wanted to see if there was a way we could combine the elements in both.
Decretech Logo Options 1-01
Decretech Logo Options 1-02
Decretech Logo Options 1-03
5. Final Logo. The client was very happy with 3.b. and chose this as their final logo! As with all of our logo design projects, we then supplied the client with a folder of their logo in several useful formats so that whether they use it for print or web, it will look just as professional.
Decretech Final Logo-01
If you’re starting up a new venture and need an eye-catching, modern brand that will get your target market to take notice, or you feel that your logo has become dated over the years and want to freshen it up, the Promoworx team are always happy to help and advise. Call us on 020 8530 1500 or drop into our South Woodford Design Studios for a chat (and a cuppa).

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