Nandhu Lescaie

Senior Designer

Creative thinker, with a keen eye for detail, ever evolving technical abilities and a boundless enthusiasm for love, life, creative design and food.

By day, I’m a Graphic Designer on a mission. As a designer, my goal is to create work that captivates and inspires but ensuring that it extends beyond aesthetics; it’s about crafting solutions to visual puzzles. I firmly believe in achieving the right balance between conceptual thinking alongside a practical approach to design, as this synergy consistently yields optimal outcomes.

Through experience and continuous study, I always aim to better myself as a designer, therefore producing the best results for my clients.

In all my work, I have relished these challenges and used them to fuel my ambition and maintain my own high standards.

Little known fact: In addition to his design prowess, Nandhu boasts an adorable claim to fame. As a baby, he earned the title of “Cutest baby in his city” and even had a newspaper article dedicated to his cuteness! 🌟👶

Nandhu was once voted the cutest baby in his home city!

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