Spring Makeover?

Article Topic(s): Graphic Design, Marketing

With Spring just around the corner everyone is in the mood for a spring clean and a freshen up. From tea detoxes, to cleaning out those pesky cupboards, or even a new haircut. Spring is a chance for a fresh start, for a fresh new you as well as your company. Sometimes we forget that not only do we ourselves need a spruce up, but our companies image need one too. Like hairstyles and wardrobes our companies image can get dated and out of place and you may notice a slip in grabbing new clients attention and winning new business.

Imagine you’re walking down the street and a lady approaches you and offers you the makeover of a lifetime but she has a beehive, yellow lipstick, a neon pink and green dress and white go go boots. Would you trust her to style you appropriately? Probably not. Same goes for your business. If your business appears outdated your customers will assume you are outdated as well, even though we know that’s not the case!

If you are thinking your company needs a makeover to better suit 2014 and to suit you as a company marketeer/owner/advertiser/etc. then visit our website or pop into the studio for a chat on how we can bring you up to speed without loosing the grass roots of where you started from.

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