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According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), 7 out of 10 new start up businesses survive their first two years, and only 50% of those survive to five years of operation. Scary huh? Well not if you pay attention. Every company is different, but the building blocks to a ‘successful’ company are always the same. Just like the reasons new companies tend to fail, are always the same. The number one reason companies fail? Poor Business Branding. The number one reason companies succeed? Great Business Branding.

As September is the time for fresh starts and refreshes, why not take a look at your current business branding? Does your branding say everything you want it to say about you? Is it up to date with the current trends of your market, and is it pushing you into the next era or where you want your company to go? Do you have all your marketing and design platforms ready and in line to get the word about your company out there?

As a small independent company ourselves we know what it takes to get your company out of the ‘newbie’ club and into a strong and everlasting brand.  Work with us on the Step by Step Guide ‘Growing Your Business’ as part of the Promoworx loyalty card scheme to make sure your company brand succeeds past the 5 year mark. Step by step we will take your business through the essentials to Top of the Hill!

Pop in today to get your infographic guide and your loyalty card, let’s grow your business! Or visit our website for more details:

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