Shedo Coffee

Shedo Coffee! Shade grown coffee. For beans that care about your health and the planet.

Shedo is a Japanese coffee brand that focuses on shade-grown coffee and its benefits for both health and the environment. Shedo emphasises its commitment to sustainability and promoting Japanese culture through its products.

Our Approach

Our approach to developing the brand identity for Shedo is rooted in a deep understanding of the essence and values of the brand. We began with extensive research and exploration of the Japanese culture, the coffee industry, shade-grown coffee cultivation, and the benefits it brings to both health and the environment. This knowledge forms the foundation of our brand strategy, allowing us to effectively communicate Shedo’s commitment to the health and sustainability aspect of their product and ultimately promoting Japanese culture.

The result is a brand identity that authentically represents Shedo Coffee’s values, communicates its unique proposition, and captivates the audience, positioning the brand for success in the competitive coffee industry.

“I am thrilled to express my heartfelt gratitude to the entire team at Promoworx for their outstanding work in creating the brand identity for Shedo Coffee. Your exceptional understanding of our vision and goals, coupled with your remarkable execution, has truly surpassed our expectations.”

Right from the initial discussions, it was evident that your team had taken the time to delve deep into our company’s ethos and values. You grasped the essence of shade-grown coffee and its significance in preserving the delicate ecosystems that sustain it. Your commitment to understanding our brand’s philosophy helped shape a comprehensive strategy that aligned perfectly with our aspirations.

Your dedication to our project was evident throughout the entire process. You were not just a design agency but a strategic partner who collaborated seamlessly with our team. Your professionalism, attention to detail, and willingness to go the extra mile made the entire experience truly enjoyable.”


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