Ethical Cleaning Supplies!

An independently owned company, based in London, with a focus on sustainability.

Their aim is to bring you cleaning products that have been on the market for decades but have not been available to everyone. The brand needed to communicate sustainability, waste reduction, cruelty-free whilst adhering to their ‘ethical way of working’.

Our Approach

As an independently owned company in London with a strong focus on sustainability, we embarked on a design process that reflected their ethos. Our first step was creating a captivating logo that represented their commitment to environmentally friendly practices. We crafted a vibrant and eye-catching brand identity, utilising a colourful palette that conveyed their mission of sustainability and brought a sense of freshness to their products.

The packaging design followed suit, employing eco-friendly materials and innovative designs that highlighted the company’s dedication to reducing waste. To amplify their brand presence, we developed impactful marketing materials, including brochures and digital content, that effectively communicated their eco-conscious message to their target audience. Lastly, we brought the brand to life through a visually stunning website that showcased their range of products and provided a seamless user experience. Our approach ensured that Ethical Cleaning Supplies stood out in the market as a reliable and sustainable choice for conscious consumers.

“We are immensely grateful to Promoworx for their exceptional work. Their dedication to understanding our values and mission as an independently owned company with a focus on sustainability was evident from the start. The logo they created perfectly captured our commitment to environmentally friendly practices, and the colourful brand identity they developed truly resonated with our target audience. The packaging designs were visually appealing and aligned with our eco-conscious approach and the marketing materials they produced effectively conveyed our message and helped us connect with conscious consumers. The website they designed exceeded our expectations, providing a visually stunning and user-friendly platform to showcase our products. Promoworx’s expertise and creativity have played a significant role in establishing Ethical Cleaning Supplies as a trusted brand in our industry. We highly recommend Promoworx to any company seeking a design agency that truly understands and brings to life their core values.”


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