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Would you like some FREE MONEY?


Yes – the rumours are true: The Promoworx Team are giving away free money in the form of their very own currency called Pro-Mo-Money.

Why? Well, believe it or not, we’ve heard that there are people out there who have not had the Promoworx treatment on their websites, brochures, newsletters and other marketing materials. Yes – we were shocked too. You may even know some of them. If you do, you can help us put an end to this madness, by giving them £30 worth of Pro-Mo-Money to spend with us on logos, branding, stationery or any other type of design that they may need.

Pro-Mo-Money looks a bit like this and will be delivered in a beautifully designed gift card:


Email us at info@promoworx.co.uk with the subject ‘Free money please’ and include your company name and postcode within the email, and we will send you free money to give to a friend. A friend in need is a friend indeed!

The not-so-small print as this genuinely is a great deal for everyone: As a regular client, you should already be benefitting from our monthly deals, discounts and free stuff so Pro-Mo-Money is just for new clients who have not used our services before. And that’s the only condition!