Picture Perfect

When putting together any marketing material, you are probably going to want to include some imagery. People like pretty pictures and they are more likely to notice your leaflet/poster/website if it has something nice and visual for them to look at.

So what’s your first port of call? …. GOOGLE! Off you go looking for a ‘fun, summer image’ to promote your business in the coming months… Perfecto!



Wrong. The thing about this, is that A) you’ve just gone and pinched someone else’s photo. (Thank you Jazz Hostels for this image) and B) it’s an image suitable for web viewing, so it’s in RGB and it’s tiny.

But you may think “naahh this looks perfect” and go for it anyway. Enlarge it to the size of an A5 leaflet and hit print.


Gosh darn it! Why does it look so rubbish? (You tea leaf)

There is a plethora of stock image sites available on the internet. But we like to use www.fotolia.com. They are all reasonably priced and they have heaps of photos / illustrations / vectors & even videos that you can get hold of. Which means you are ALLOWED to use these images. No one is going to get grumpy with you for pinching their work. And it will also look beautiful when it comes to printing it.

Let’s try this again then, searching for ‘Summer Beach’ but on fotolia this time:

beach party


So much better. Now you look more professional and people will start to trust your business a lot more. Of course, you could always hire a photographer to go out and get you some good snaps. (Then no one else can buy them…) but just in case you don’t have the time or the budget for that. Stock images are the next best thing.


You could play our new game of trying to find the most ridiculous and unnecessary stock images online. Our favourites so far all include animals. Mainly because they are so funny… Look at these gems:

fotolia_49290767 fotolia_65637040 fotolia_57494281

Pretty good huh?

Give us a call today to find out about how we can include stock images into your marketing to get you a better result! We won’t use the one of the dog on holiday with a six pack. (Why would you EVER need a stock image of a dog with abs?)