Our 7th Birthday ????

We are 7

7 Years is a very long time, but it has flown by. The business is unrecognisable to the one that was started 7 years ago and continues to change and grow. We have been reflected on the year just passed and wanted to share with you some of our favourite moments, for the team and the business.

7 Team Highlights

1. Interviews:
People say the funniest things in job interviews. With the addition of 3 new team members¬†in the last year, we have had plenty of opportunities to hear funny things. At least one has become a well-used saying in the studio…

2. Promoworx’s First Baby:
Jimmy told us his baby announcement in the pub, by using a picture based clue game that spelt out the phrase¬†– “I am going to be a father!”
The clues were hard and inventive, but to be fair, we did have an inkling!


Kiki Florence Nicola was born 20.02.15 & she is a cutie!

3. Dale’s Leaving Drinks:
Initially that sounds harsh, (Dale we love you) but it was a night that was fantastically funny. It also involved a small connect 4 fight (sorry Lizard Lounge!) which meant we all found connect four pieces about our person for the next few days.

4. Christmas Party:
Promoworx Christmas Party drinks ‚Äď general festive fun ‚Äď but never take a camera to such occasions! Not sure if it is a blessing or a curse that the photos have since been lost forever…

5. Aprils Fools:
The ultimate prank to play on a small business owner… have all the members of staff call in sick on the same day!

[vimeo id=”130742687″ maxwidth=”1000″]

– Never before seen footage.

6. Cards Against Humanity:
Once we built the new desk in our studio, we thought what better way to christen it than with a drinking session and a pleasant card game!

Team Photo 4 Team Photo 3

7. Letter Shelf:
To finish off the decoration in our swanky new meeting area we bought some fancy 3D letters. These are to spell out clients names when we know they are coming in for a meeting. The problem is, every time anyone walks past the shelf they feel the need to rearrange the letters! It definitely keeps the team amused.


(A slightly politer version than normal…)

7 Studio Highlights

1. Meeting space:
This year we feng-shuied our studio and our new meeting space has changed the whole dynamic of the studio. ¬†It is perfect for client meetings and team brainstorming sessions. (and a great place for a¬†post-work-cheeky-glass-of-wine… We would assume)Promoworx Studio

2. Two Web Designers:
We introduced web design to our list of services which, thankfully, has gone down a storm! Hence the need for a second Web Designer. Welcome to the team Hassan & Calvin!

Hassan - Web Designer
Calvin (web)-01

3. New Desk:
We saw an amazing desk made out of scaffolding planks on Pinterest. We knew we needed extra space for our extra designers… so we had to have it! Thank you to our favourite builder for all of his hard work in creating our vision.

4.¬†We are now a ‘Design Studio’
Sometimes, you need to take a look at your business and decide to focus on what actually works and over the last year we have refined our services. This means you won’t find us by the copy machine as much, but you will find us happily behind our screens or scribbling in our notebooks, cooking up some great new designs. It’s always good to be able to do what you enjoy,¬†luckily this is what we are best at!

5. Design Packages:
We have started to offer Design Packages, this helps to give the customer everything they need to get started while helping them with a nice discount. Here are 3 of our favourites so far:
Decretech LogoSuperGene Blog1D3-Website-Mockup

6. Local Networking:
We are just about to join our 3rd BNI networking group. We love meeting new, local business and being able to refer useful experts to our clients. It makes us feel good! Kate is a member of Meridian, Jo is a member of Prosperity and Hassan is about to join¬†Inspire. If you have any questions or would like to know how to get involved, don’t hesitate to ask!

7. Pro-mo-money:
We created our own currency…¬†Need we say more? World domination here we come.


Happy Birthday to us on our 7th year! How much we can possibly fit in to the next one!