Next to Free Halloween Decorations

Holiday’s come with food, excitement, friends and family, and a HUGE price tag…well, not if you know the secrets to get great holiday decor that is next to free. And luckily you DO know the right people to give you the inside scoop…no not him, no not her either. US!

Being in a creative industry the Promoworx team love to come up with new ideas for not just our day to day activities but for all things artsy. We’ve collected a few of these out of the box ideas to give you an edge this Halloween for your house to stand out in a spooky crowd!

Trick Or Treat - Promoworx

Hanging Bats Promoworx

Paper crafts are the easiest way to add a festive feeling to your home. Simple Halloween banners can be created by printing out Individual letters onto square pieces of paper or coloured cloth. Tape or glue them to hemp, string or ribbon to add a bold touch to any room. Or why not pick up some cheap black construction paper from any craft shop to cut out simple bats to add around your fire place, inside kitchen cupboards and corner’s, or hang them from your tree outside.

Halloween Treats Promoworx

An easy cost effective way to add a nice touch to ‘trick-or-treat’ treats and save you money on halloween candy as well is to buy bulk candy from any local market and split them up in to home made packaging. Black paper boxes with wings and googly eyes make for scary bats, or white sandwich bags with ribbon and googly eyes make for spooky ghosts.

Halloween-Decor - Promoworx

Decorating for any holiday need not be a FRIGHT, construction paper from any craft store, combined with glue, ribbon and a little creativity can turn any room into a page out of a holiday magazine. Looking for more ideas or maybe just a little inspiration? Pop by the Promoworx Studio to talk with us about paper crafts, vinyl wall decals and more!   We are decorating on Monday 🙂