Nachos, Burritos, Folded Leaflets? Its a March Fiesta!

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Leaflets, Flyers, and Business Cards are commonly referred to as simple to-the-point items used solely for advertising or contact information purposes…
This is a lie, yes, you have been lied to, don’t you just hate it when that happens? Luckily the team at Promoworx are here to rectify this devastating discovery.

Leaflets, Flyers and Business Cards can be so much more than simple information on a piece of paper cleverly constructed to have multiple sides as opposed to only two. They can represent who you are as a company, individual, entity! They can make you stand out in a crowd, let your eccentric-creative-wild-side prevail, or simply add that extra ‘wow’ to your marketing campaign.

So, you are probably asking yourself, business cards are teeny tiny things and you want me to add extra ‘stuff’ to these little guys? How am I supposed to do that without getting my message lost in the process? Easy, that extra stuff is your stylish flare, not necessarily content. For example, check out these creative business cards below…

These business cards are still simple and to the point with their information, but they also hold an interesting take on the overall design and construction; a web design company with ‘laptop’ business cards, or a dentist with ‘teeth’ business cards. Want to go even further? Check out what one company has done with their folding business cards and some ‘die-cut’ happiness….

With business cards, as small as they are, gaining such a huge benefit from these creative spins, imagine what possibilities you can have with leaflets and flyers? From circled folding leaflets to die-cut additions the opportunities are endless…


Making what you and your business do stand out in your marketing materials, does not have to be complicated and it is a part of the process that is essential to out doing the competition in today’s job market. With so many options and companies, where does a client even begin when starting their hunt for the right company for them? With those that catch their eye of course, and adding that extra creative touch is an easy and simple process that guarantee’s to point them in your direction.

Talk to our creative team at Promoworx today to see how we can help your business speed by the competition with folding business cards, leaflets or flyers. Need one more reason to take the leap?

March is our half price folding fiesta! (Nacho’s and Burritos not included). All this month we have some fantastic half price deals for anything and everything folding, like our folding business cards only £73 for 250, down from £146. We look forward to working to promote you!

Credits: Various imagery from ‘Creative Business’ Web. T&C’s: Prices and Offers may vary, please contact Promoworx directly at 020 8530 1500 for details.

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