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A picture is worth a thousand words; as we all know and the promoworx team love to recite. Photography is just one more element that can not only be important to graphic design, but is essential to marketing your product, your services, well…you! And seeing as a picture is worth a thousand words, don’t you want to make sure that picture is a good one?
As imagery can often be the first impression of your business, it can very well be the deciding factor for potential clients of whether or not they decide to go with you, or the competition. Think about your wedding day, your graduation, or even that family get together, would you post those portraits on the wall if they were out of focus, blown out or distorted? Well have no fear! No blow outs, no distortions, no blurry images in sight with our trusty photography team KUSH here to help. KUSH are photographers based in London with a background in BAFTA award winning television documentaries.
Observational, unobtrusive and they respond creatively and with sensitivity, KUSH are very friendly, relaxed and are crazy about what they do so they understand why it matters. They know how to make every image for your business shine through the competition and come out on top! Proud to know their work makes people smile, laugh and cry as they reflect on some of the very best experiences in their lives, their work documents how a generation lives, celebrates and raises children, and makes a tiny contribution towards documenting personal histories.
For all the details on how great photography can improve your business image, or maybe you have a life changing event, or personal landmark you need documented? Come chat to KUSH on April 18th at Promoworx open day, anytime between 3 to 7pm. And be picture ready if you dare to have your photo taken on the day!
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