Marketing Makeover Day: Graphic & Web Design

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Graphic Design, the element that takes all that marketing and advertising good stuff and makes it pretty. AND…our specialty! Graphic Design can be one of the most important elements to your business. When you think about your company branding, your marketing campaigns, your advertisements, right down to your letterhead, they all needed designing somewhere along the line.

The fact of the matter is, everyone judges a book by the cover. Everyone. It’s not a bad thing, it’s human nature to respond to things we find visually appealing. And when we are such visual reliant individuals, don’t you want to make sure your business on every platform is pleasing to the eye? And not the unfortunate alternative? And when we say every platform, we mean EVERY platform; Print, Web, and Social Media. There are so many platforms your business can be found and stand to shine in the limelight.

Take the web for instance, you are on it right now. You probably did a bit of shopping, maybe a bit of research, or found new companies just by browsing random sites because you wanted to kill some time. The fact of the matter is, our laptops and smartphones have become an attachment to every day life, not just a want but a need. And when the world spends most of it’s life in front of a computer (at work or at home) don’t you want to make sure your company makes an impression among the sea of competition sites?

Graphic Design for Print now goes hand in hand with that of Design for the Web, and when the overall ‘look’ of your company can make or break your success you need a strong design team that knows what will catch the world wide web’s eye!

We here at Promoworx believe in great design, and are determined to make sure that every aspect of design we do for you, is not only going to be great enough for you to want to hang on your kitchen fridge or have as your own desktop background on your laptop, it will get you the results you are looking for.

We are a small, friendly, creative team, based in East London who love to design and we are always here to help with design advice and marketing ideas. We are here to chat whether it’s to go over your current project and ideas, to pick our brains, or if you just had to stop in for a nice cuppa.

Less than a week to go till our FREE marketing makeover day event, so why not pop in for a chat to see what we are all about, to meet us in the flesh, and of course…enjoy some cake.

Looking forward to meeting you!

-The Promoworx Team

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