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You are meeting a potential client for the first time, someone that knows nothing about you or your company. They hear what you are saying, but they’ve heard the same from other companies just like yours. So why are you different? Why should they be impressed? You hand them your business card with confidence that it will peak their interest to investigate what you have to offer, but when they look up from your business card and say…’that’s funny, your business card looks identical to another company I was talking to last week.’ You. Are. Mortified.

You curse yourself for using a template website to make your business cards, and what’s worse your logo. Now all the effort that went into reciting why you stand above your competition and why your customers will have a long and happy relationship with you over your competitors, because you care more about the details…has gone to waste. Don’t end up in this situation! Your business card is your first impression and a first impression can be a last impression, so make sure it’s the right one! When you say you care about the details, that you are different and creative and can think outside the box, your company branding and print must back this up.

So now you look at your business cards and realise you need to do something about it. Let’s run through some common questions to do with your Premium Business Cards.

Why a premium business card is important?

First impressions count! Once you’ve completed your pitch and whipped out a fresh business card to offer your new prospective client, the judgement begins. Does your card reflect you and your business correctly? You’re an expert in your field but does the card reflect this authority? Having a premium business card makes sure your business shines and really catches the attention of whoever is in possession of it. We have a selection of high quality, luxury business cards for you to choose from:

Matt laminated business cards: Super clean and minimal. The matt lamination gives an understated appearance which oozes quality and class. Ideal for when you need to make a superb first impression without showing off.

Gloss laminated business cards: Fabulously glossy! Glossy cards add a bit more glitz and glam your premium looking business cards.

Spot UV business cards: The card which actually glistens. Cutting edge spot UV card allows for a beautiful matt laminated card with gloss highlights wherever needed. In certain lights, these cards look like a regular business card but when the light catches them the magic happens! It has a mesmerising effect which will most certainly adds the wow factor to your business cards.

Velvet lamination: Also known as Soft Touch lamination. This laminate gives your cards a beautiful tactile finish which will captivate the recipient. The card feels like its been wrapped in velvet. It’s certainly dressed to impress!

XO Heavyweight cards: At 700gsm these cards pack a serious punch! Printed super smooth uncoated card, these luxury business cards will take your business card game to a completely new level. The recipient of this business card will be stunned at the heft and strength. At almost twice the thickness of some business cards these will certainly land with a thud!

Should I get luxury business cards?

Yes absolutely! Business cards are your silent salesperson. You’ve given them to a prospective client and leave the card to work its magic. They might get passed to someone else, they might get left in a coffee shop or they might even get used to stop a wobbly table. Either way, someone will discover them and you’ll have the opportunity to win some business. Luxury business cards make sure your card impresses each person who views it has a positive impression of you and your brand.

Should premium business cards be double sided?

Yes yes yes! For the same reason that you can’t order half a pizza, half a table or half a shirt. Somethings should only be sold as a complete product and premium business cards are the same. If you’re stuck on what to put on the back of your business card, how about displaying your social media handles or a QR code allowing people to leave you an online review. These are great ways to pass on your contact information but also direct traffic to your online presence.

Does design matter on a business card?

Someone important once said we eat with our eyes. Making a visually appealing card will probably not make your card taste any better (we’ve not tried this, yet.) but it will make it more attractive for someone to pick up and importantly, keep. Design sells, it’s that simple. Having a beautifully designed card by professional, experienced graphic designers like us will make your premium business cards.

Clever uses of a luxury business card

Having been established over a decade ago, we’ve seen plenty of great ideas for luxury business cards. How about turning your business card into a loyalty card or gift card? We’ve even had clients wanting to have scratch off latex panels on the back of card to turn it into a mini scratch card. Shaped business cards, magnetic business cards or even bottle opener business cards. We’re happy to discuss any ideas you might have to make them happen!

Did you know?

Sales increase by 2.5% for every 2000 cards that get passed out.

39% of people won’t do business with you if your card is cheap looking

Pop into the shop to view this new selection for yourself, see some previous samples and find out just what they can do for your company image.

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