London Cyclists, they’re everywhere…

Everyone knows one of the most common things you’ll see around London are the city cyclists. They’re everywhere! In such a small place, with SO many people it is easily understandable why cycling to work is preferred by so many. Miss the tube queues, avoid the traffic hang ups and ridiculous travel costs and grab yourself a bike. You’re even helping the environment, you ‘green’ conscious person you 😉


Not sure where to start? French Illustrator Thomas Pomarelle and Romain Bourdieux have collaborated on a project called ‘Cyclemon’ that celebrates the different types of bicycle users. From your stereotypical hipster to you grandpa’s bike, there’s even one for those gangsta’s and swagger’s. Take a look through their illustrations, find your personality and get to your local bike shop!

Weirdo Warrior Vintage Guy Traveller Tandem Swagger Runner Rigid Guy Lazy Guy Hipster Grandpa Gangsta Freestyler Cougar BabyDollFake