Logo Design: Which Type of Logo Should You Choose?

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An important first step in developing a brand identity is deciding on a logo. While on a smaller scale than web design, a good logo design ensures that your product will leave a lasting impression on your target audience. Not to mention it adds a professional feel to your marketing copy, employee uniforms and corporate documents.

There are many logotypes to choose from. Each has their unique advantages, so take the time to select which one you want before talking to the graphic design agency. Let’s look at the options and see which would best suit your brand’s personality. Basically, there are five different types of logos.

Wordmark logo

The wordmark logo, otherwise referred to as the logotype, is a true classic. As the name suggests, this logo is focused on the artistic use of typography. The choice of fonts, the colour combination and even the spacing or stacking of words all play a pivotal role in creating a wordmark logo that effectively evokes the brand’s personality without the use of illustrations or symbols. This type of logo is highly recommended for brand names composed of one or two words. Great examples of companies with wordmark logo are Coca-Cola, The New York Times and Google.

Monogram logo

A creative solution for companies with long names, a monogram logo can feature one to four letters. This can either be the first letter or the initials when the company name is abbreviated. Another example of type-only logo design, monogram logos should be a compact, legible and compelling visual representation of the company. The iconic golden arches logo of McDonald’s is a brilliant example of a monogram logo.

Emblem logo

An emblem logo design serves as the official badge or seal of your company. This is frequently typography of your company name inside a symbol or a shape, say, a circle or a square. Because of its strong and traditional theme, the emblem logo is a top choice for schools, government agencies, the auto industry and even trendy businesses. Harvard, Harley Davidson and Starbucks are some good references. The secret of nailing the emblem logo is to keep it simple so that it can be used on all applications, including logo printing on products and web design.

Pictorial mark logo

This logo uses a strong graphic image that the audience instantly links to the brand. Awesome examples are Apple Inc. and Twitter. However, using a pictorial mark logo can be confusing and is not advisable for up and coming brands.

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