How to give great client feedback with Sticky Notes

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After we have created a beautiful design we will always send our client a PDF proof to get feedback.


Sometimes, this process can generate some confusion as emails and verbal exchanges go back and forth. To reduce uncertainty and mix-ups, we strongly recommend that our clients use Adobe’s Sticky note tool. This means you can place comments and suggest edits directly in the image/document.

It has several advantages:

    • The feedback and the design is all together in the same file, so comments don’t get lost or mixed up.
    • Since we can see annotations directly on the design, we will know exactly where you want changes made.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader, you can download a copy here. 

How to use it:


How to use Sticky Notes Step 1

1) When your file is open in Adobe Acrobat/Reader the Sticky Note tool is located in the top toolbar. It’s the one that looks like a speech bubble.

2) Click the “Sticky Note” button, then click in the document where you would like to add your note. A small speech balloon icon will appear wherever you placed it on the page. This can be moved later on by simply clicking and dragging it.

How to use Sticky Notes Step 2

3) When you first add the sticky note, a little window will appear where you can type in text. This text will also appear as a list of ‘stickies and highlights’ in the Comment panel. It will also appear when you hover over the sticky note icon. At any time you can double-click the sticky note to bring up the text window again if you want to edit the text.

4) To delete a sticky note, just click it–either the sticky note icon on the page or the sticky note item in the comments pane–and press the delete button.

For clients who look at design work on a Phone/Tablet:


    • PDFs can sometimes look different and not represent colours accurately on mobile devices. (Specifically iPhone’s and iPad’s) Please notify us if you look at the work we send you on a mobile or tablet and we can send you a mobile friendly version.


    • If we send you more than one design option to choose from, please refer to the file number (e.g. logo design 1.0) when giving feedback.


    • If there are quite few changes or a multi page document, please list each one clearly and refer to the relevant page or paragraph.

How to use Sticky Notes Step 3

We hope you enjoyed this guide. We do our best to ensure that our designer/client interaction is as enjoyable as possible so please get in contact if you have any questions regarding giving feedback. We’re really looking forward to working with you!


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