Happy 2014! Time to get promoting!

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With the beginning of every New Year comes the promise of fresh starts, new beginnings and new avenues to explore. It is the perfect time to promote the new and exciting side of your company and make it stand out among the 2014 crowd! When that clock hits midnight, people are filled with the idea of new possibilities and the promise that this year they can accomplish anything they set their mind to! From losing those extra holiday pounds to starting new business ventures, everyone is looking for something, and you should be too!

New clients are everywhere, waiting for YOU to help them accomplish their goals. It’s a large crowd out there for them to search through, so why not make it easier for them to find you. Promoting you and your company need not be a difficult or expensive thing (we all have those Christmas bills to pay). Here’s just a few ways to get the word out with champagne taste on lemonade money:

Newsletters: A great and inexpensive way to get the word out. Fill them with any offers you have going on and interesting news about upcoming local events, your staff as well as company photos. Clients want to know what you have to offer, but they also want to know about you!

Leaflets: Easy to hand out and get the word about quick. With offers like 5000 leaflets for £100, you can really show your creative side and let people know why your company is the best. Leave them in local venues, distribute on busy street corners, leave on coffee shop tables, you name it. They get passed on and moved around so much, your reach is well beyond the amount you buy.

Digital Promo: Ideal for building your web presence. These are small company ads that can be placed on various websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to complimentary companies and common interest venues. If you don’t have a budget for these, more times than not you can trade ad space with fellow like minded companies.

Social Media: The very best tool at your disposal. Social media is the marketing platform. You cannot create a marketing campaign without social media nowadays and with so many people viewing posts, tweets and shares a day, you can’t afford NOT to be involved. And the best part? It’s free.

Business Card Promo: New year, new business cards? Double duty those little guys! On one side you can have your company details with an exciting new look. The other can showcase offers, promotions and other reasons to do business with you. You name it!

Ready to get promoting your business but need a little bit of help first? We are not just a design studio, we are also marketing superheroes! Stop by the studio to have a chat with one of our consultants about how to get your company out there, and how we can work for you.

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