Great Design + Great Marketing = Amazing Campaigns!

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Great marketing cannot exist without great Graphic Design, but the same can be said in reverse. Knowing your target market to a ‘t’, having the best marketing opportunities and fantastic marketing ideas will give a designer the insight and background to create a visually stunning campaign that not only works, it sells!

With great communication between your marketing & advertising team and your designers you are guaranteeing a great campaign that will stand out from your competition. They will be able to discuss what specific messages need to hit your clients but at the same time develop a creative piece that will make your clients ‘want’ to look at the advert. Without a clear understanding of the messages needed to be conveyed you can end up with a beautiful piece of artwork, but artwork that won’t entice your clients to contact you.

A campaign came out recently designed by the advertising agency ACW Grey, Tel Aviv for Steimatzky, the largest and oldest chain of bookstores in Israel. Do you have a favourite book you’re so comfortable with and understand so well that it almost feels like a good friend? This campaign is a true example of perfect balance between marketing and design by taking the idea of having a book as a good friend and making it visually obvious. It takes the simple marketing message ‘The right book will always keep you company’ and combine with great design to get the idea across in a strong and unique way.

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