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It’s the start of a New Year, and now is the time to push your company into new territory, push the boundaries and grow, grow, grow!

The most obvious way of doing this? Grab the attention of new customers. Most difficult part about doing so? How to do it. You already know you’re the best, you’re customer’s love you, especially that one customer always buying you coffee?  Now how do you get the word out to the rest of the world?

The best way to consider your plan of attack is to not to plan on ‘getting’ customers, but on ‘buying’ customers. If you stop and think about the investment you need to make in order to attract new customers, you can start making better decisions about where exactly you want to utilise your resources. The more you grow, the more you will learn what works and what doesn’t and you can only get better as time goes on. Make sure you keep a record of how new customers find you so that you know what to keep using and what to change and evolve.

The 3 main areas of finding new customers are advertising, networking and teaming up. They are not called the ‘tried and true’ for nothing! Each requires your own unique perspective, planning and attention to your target market.


The key to advertising successfully is to build a campaign that lends to a promising ROI (return on investment). To do so, this campaign needs two things. One, a strong clear and concise message to your target audience so they know what to expect and what you can offer. And two, a visually stimulating and intriguing design to deliver said message, possibly created by *cough* yours truly *cough*. Ahem…no matter what your teachers told you in school we ALL judge a book by its cover, we are attracted to pretty and shiny things. Now this can work in your favour, but not if no one knows what’s behind the pretty and shiny thing you put in front of them. Your message needs to attract your customers (visually stunning) just like your design needs a message (reason to do business with you).

Networking and Referrals

Landing referrals from networking, past business, or friends and family is not only a cheap way to pick up new business, it’s a way to pick up new customers who already think the highest of you. And what’s even better? They tend to lead to even more business and more referrals in the future, because once they know and trust you, they want to tell the world about you! Or at least their business partner, or even their mum. You never know what can come out of offering a ‘refer a friend’ discount, or just asking your friends and family if they know anyone needing your services.

Teaming Up

Synergy! Not just a random word used in all those marketing seminars, it’s a real thing! And sometimes, it can do great things, not just for you but your customer. For example, you’re a hair stylist, and you know this great make up artist, you can offer combo packages for your services. They get new clients from you, and you get new clients from them. The best part? Your businesses compliment each other, but without any competition. So all those new referrals are nothing but exciting new repeat business later on. Creating good business partnerships can lead to more great things down the line…

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