Branding. Life or Death for Businesses. Part Two

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Branding. Life or Death for Businesses. 

Part Two: Importance of Having a Strong Identity

So, knowing just how important it is to have a ‘brand’, that identifying factor that sets you apart from the sea of competition, I bet you’re wondering just HOW you stand out with your brand in the sea of competition. With so many competitors all trying to stand out among the rest and grab people’s attention, how does your brand differentiate itself from the rest?

This comes down to having strong visual, well, everything! Logo, letterhead, business cards, you name it. Your brand is your first impression to the world, it is what people are going to judge you on first. Yup, everybody judges, it’s just the way it is, and a ‘poor’ first impression? Is a last impression. People respond to strong visual’s, strong design, and well let’s face it, pretty stuff. And there is a reason…

Think about if you were to go shopping, and the first store you walk into is too hot, there is a weird smell coming from the corner, there are clothes lying all over the place (it looks like a teenager’s bedroom) you can’t find a single thing, and the staff are completely ignoring you in every respect. How long do you last before you leave?

Now, imagine going into another shop, one that smells like cookies (or cake, we like cake too), everything is organised and labeled correctly, it’s sparkling clean, and the staff are helpful, polite and offer you a cup of tea. How much time do you take in this store?

Your brand works in a similar way, if your logo design looks sloppy, amateur and cheap people are going to assume you work the same way. While if your brand looks put together, is visually attractive and has a great attention to detail, customers will associate that with how they believe you will work for them.

For example, below are two logo’s for the same company ‘Pink Cupcake Co.’ One was created in 5 minutes using Microsoft Word, and *shudder* using Comic Sans. The next, was created by a Graphic Designer who specialises in company branding. Looking at both, which logo makes you want to buy a cupcake?



Strong visuals, strong design, a strong brand means strong business. It’s not only what makes you stand out from your competition, it gives the customer’s a reason to choose you over the competition. You look professional, put together, and will give your customers as much attention to detail as you did your logo.

Looking for more information? Need some logo advice? Pop into Promoworx and talk to one of our Graphic Designer’s about our options for basic, standard, and premium designed logo’s.

Next up, Updating your brand the right way…

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