Branding. Life or Death for Businesses. Part Three

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Branding. Life or death for Businesses. 

Part Three: Importance of Keeping Your Brand Up To Date

Social Culture. The ever changing part of society, giving us new trends, new fashion, new technology, the list goes on. An ever changing society comes with people’s ever changing likes, dislikes and what attracts us. Therefore companies must keep up to date with what people want, and not just in their products and services but in their company branding as well.

Customers want to know that the companies they are choosing to work with, are ‘in with the now’ so to speak. What they are getting will keep up with today’s trends and social culture acceptance. For example, with summer on the horizon and people looking (be-grudgingly mind you) for that perfect swimsuit, customer’s want the hottest bikini in the current seasons colour that will make them look phenomenal and envied walking down the beach. Not a full body suit from the 1920’s that will make them hide in shame with embarrassment.

Your company branding works the same way. Keeping your branding up to date, and ‘in-style, so to speak, will let your customers know before they’ve even had a chance to speak with you that your business can keep up against the competition. That your business is able to change and adapt, and evolve decade to decade, not get left behind in the past. Look at the success of Madonna over Cyndi Lauper.

Madonna and Cyndi were both top of the pop’s in the 80’s; both had number 1 selling hits, and chart rising albums. Come the end of the 80s Madonna has gone on to record many more albums topping the charts decade after decade, has been a leader in trends from fashion to cosmetics, headlined the superbowl, and has started her own successful fashion line. Cyndi? Not so much. Since the end of the ‘new wave’ era, Cyndi has almost all but disappeared. Why you ask? It’s all due to evolving their brand.

Madonna changed her music and look with the times. She adapted her style to what sells, stayed ahead of the trends, and started her own bending to what people want at the time. 2013, and unfortunately Cyndi is still trying to make music and fashion to suit the 80’s.

Now, while it is mandatory to keep your brand up to date if you want your business to stay alive it is also important to do it the right way! Next up, how to update your identity the right way…

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