Branding. Life or Death for Businesses. Part One.

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Branding. Life or Death for Businesses.

Part One: Importance of Having an Identity

Okay peeps, let’s talk about branding. Branding as in your logo, your company style, effectively what makes your company, your company. Your business branding is your identity; it’s how your customers find you, how you attract new customers, and how you stand out from your competitors. Pretty important stuff right? Exactly!

However, the sad fact of the matter is, business branding is one of the most common things over looked when companies start a business. It seems that sales data, financial projection, and getting that first customer all end up taking priority over creating a companies identity. Now don’t get us wrong, of course the point of going into business is to, well, get business, but did you know if you took the time to sort out your brand the rest tends to fall into place easier? It’s true!

Imagine your brand is like your phone number, and say you met this really great person, and you just clicked right away, love at first sight kind of stuff. Now imagine that that person doesn’t have a phone number, and neither do you, and the only way to find one another is searching by name. Think about how many people have your name, and just picture someone trying to find you by name alone. Scary stuff right? Now imagine if it was a global hunt, even scarier right? And how many people do you think they’ll call before they give up and go with someone else.

Same scenario with a phone number? Completely different experience! They find you with only one dial, you find them and you live happily ever after. Not having a company identity leaves your customers, and future customers, sifting through your competition trying to find you. How long do you think they’ll keep looking for you before they go with one of your competitiors?

By making your company brand your priority when looking to start a business you are creating a strong foundation for your company to grow on. So all that initial hard work you will put into sales, financial projection, securing that first client, won’t be lost because your customer base couldn’t ‘find’ you. If anything you will be able to network and sales pitch faster, smoothly, and to a greater return!

Next Up, Part Two: Importance of Having a Strong Identity

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