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Choosing the right time to rebrand is a quandary for many business owners. A rebrand can be expensive and time-consuming, and there’s always the risk that your company will be worse off at the end of it. But an outdated brand limits opportunities and restricts the growth potential of your business. Your visual language needs to set the right initial impression, failing to keep this up to date can spell the beginning of the end for established companies.

What does rebranding mean?

In a nutshell, rebranding is the process of redefining the way your business is presented to your audience. It can involve changing names, modifying your logo, and ultimately re-designing your marketing materials to fit the new image. Your rebrand will depend on which problems you’re trying to solve and whether a rebrand will help.

Is something holding you back?

If you make the wrong first impression, you will have a much harder time selling your products/services and winning new customers. Sometimes, your brand places a restriction on potential growth. If you have been a sole trader, like a freelancer, and need to win more clients to keep up your momentum, it may be necessary to rebrand as an agency to inspire the faith that your business can deliver on a client’s needs. A strong brand is built for your long-term aspirations, not just what’s happening right now.

What is a brand?

There are many small business owners who believe they have a brand when really they don’t have a good understanding of what one is. It can involve paying a printer or graphic design business to create a logo and website agencies to produce some matching marketing materials, but the visual stage is not where a brand begins. You need to define and develop a strategy to engage with your target audience, and if that target audience isn’t being engaged, it may be time to rebrand.

When you own a brand, you make a big commitment to a predefined set of rules. You need to build the reputation of your business in the same way you build your reputation as an individual. You have principles and goals, and your brand should communicate this effectively. If you’re looking to rebrand effectively, you need the graphic design service London businesses turn to for superior design and quality digital and print materials. Contact Promoworx today to discuss your rebrand with someone from our friendly, professional team.

Why rebranding is important?

It is your identity that sets you apart from your competitors and presents a memorable lasting impression. This recognition increases company value, trust, provides insight, sets expectations, and makes acquiring new customers easier. Over time, a brand can become dated so it’s important to continuously invest in your image.

Need help with your branding?

Then contact the Promoworx team today. We can help with web design, branding, print, and much more. Send us a message and we’ll get back to you as a priority.

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