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If you read our last blog you will have heard that rebranding can be dangerous territory and it is certainly nerve-wracking from a business owners point of view.  However, from a designer’s viewpoint it is extremely exciting! So it is with a mixture of emotions that I introduce you to our new logo design…



Promoworx continues to grow and develop. We really do feel that we have come a long way over the last 6 years. Our shop has evolved into a dynamic, creative design studio, which we are very proud of.  So we felt it was time that our logo and branding reflected that.

Our new logo showcases the style of work that we enjoy, with a fresh, clean modern feel.  Here are some of our design processes to show you the transition…


and a few examples from the development stage to give you an idea of how we ended up with our final finished version. Logo design can be an arduous task and can take several attempts in order to reach the end goal. After all, you need to be proud of your branding. So it has to be perfect!

We wanted to give ourselves a bit of flexibility with our branding and have opted for colour combinations that we know will work together and compliment each other. This will give us some freedom to vary the colour palette to suit what we’re working on. From our stationery to our signage, we can pick and choose which colours we prefer for which product.



If you are considering a rebrand we offer a free design consultation to guide you through the whole process from concept to completion.  If you do want to rebrand your logo remember these key elements:

Keep it simple.

Make it relevant.

Make an impression.

Call us.

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