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The most important question of all for any who know us, what are the team’s 5 favourite cupcakes!? We may be a little obsessed with cupcakes, but how can you not be? They are a delicious little piece of happy 🙂

Pat-a-cake 5th Birthday Poster

Our birthday cupcakes were supplied by Pat-a-Cake Cupcake’s. Situated on George Lane in South Woodford this cupcake boutique does anything and everything when it comes to cake (which is why it is one of our favourite places to go). Next time you are wandering george lane, pop into their shop for a taste, or just to check out their sweet and enchanting neverland.

Birthday Cupcakes

Promoworx Team Favourite:
Why the Promoworx cupcakes of course! Designed and supplied by the amazing Pat-a-Cake.

I’m actually not a big fan of cupcakes, but I do like making them for others! Favourite cupcake to bake: Chocolate and cheesecake with chocolate/marshmallows mousse! =)

Rasperry ripple, but if it’s a cupcake i’ll eat it.

Something Lemony

Definitely Chocolate Peppermint

Pat-A-Cake Logo